Why sales trainings don’t always work – 3

There’s a famous quote that I really love: “It is one thing to know how to do something, it’s another to be able to do it, and third and fourth is to actually DO it.” (Nikolay Haitov)

Sales Trainings lead us to the “know” and the really good ones – to “being able to”. The part of “actually doing it” is in the hands of the training participants themselves and their managers.

There are FIVE things that predetrmine your success in getting better after a training and they comprise your ACTION.

The first thing  is your ATTITUDE. If you choose to believe that the training doesn’t/won’t do any good to you, it really won’t.

The second thing is your CONTRIBUTION to the training process:

-do you understand and accept to try the new concepts, ideas and tools?

– do you just sit and expect recipes and remedies that will automatically bring success?

– are you actively and willfully going through the exercises, discussions, group-work and all training activities?

The third thing is to TIE the expectations to the outcome:

– are you communicating your goals and expectations from tha training to the trainer and ask for guidance or assistance?

– are you realistic about the result you can achieve?

– do you see yourself implementing the new knowledge – have you got an action plan?

– are you willing to ask your manager/team for support in order to implement your plan successfully?

– do you take responsibility for the effort YOU need to put to get results?

The fourth thing is the IMPORTANCE of your sales role for you:

– do you feel comfortable in your role as a sales person?

– are you sensitive to winning?

– do you recover easily from rejection?

– do you get ambitious when the client sais NO?

– do you want to be successful?

– do you do enough to be successful?

– do you want to do more?

The fifth thing is realising your NEED for improvement:

– are you aware of what you are missing?

– are you aware of your limitations?

– do you realise and use your strengths?

– how adequate is your sales behavior to the expectatins of your client?

– what do you need to change or adapt?

– are you willing to act on them?

Remember, no training works if there’s no ACTION afterwards .

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