ABC in sales.. still sexy?

ABC = the basics of how to sell


ABC = Always Be Closing

I will always  be amazed at the messages I receive from managers, like “Give us a training on basic selling skills. The ABC, you know.” And some of them don’t realize ABC may stand for “Always Be Closing” although what they ultimately want to happen is… closed deals!

Whatever is being done in relation to developing and motivating sales people it ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS is expected to result in increased sales. How many sales training, coaching and motivation programmes focus on CLOSING?

So, here’s my challenge to you: the ‘ABC’ of selling is to learn how to ABC (Always Be Closing). What’s the point of chasing the object of your affection if you don’t get together in the end?

And if you atterly enjoy the thrill of the chase – what would happen if you chase more often rather than prolong one chase to exhaustion?

However! It’s easier to say than to do. A classic example of what it takes to be persistent and never give up can be seen in a widely used video for sales training purposes – from the movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross”.

Oh, yeah, Alec Baldwin is too young in that movie and the world has changed so much till those olden times. So maybe you would care more for a more contemporary example that brought huge audiences to both the cinemas and the training halls – the story of the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

Or you may believe that sales and selling motivation are more a matter of technique and all that emotional outburst is completely out of line? Well, as long as you close the deal, it’s all all right.

Selling means closing in all businesses and all circumstances. Get your client’s engagement and hold them to it.

Now that is the pea-nut most sales people face and fail to overcome – to stand their line and ask for the business. Ask in the meaning of ‘require’, not ask a question and leave the client alone to his fears, distractions and mainly your competition that will change his mind while you are politely waiting for his merciful eventual consent.

Selling is determination, set of skills and lot’s of character.

Character means passion.

And passion is always sexy.

As long as ABC is your guide and master, you’ll be at the top of your game.

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