Our work is often associated with training and coaching. We see those as two of the instruments to use in order to help our clients accomplish the desired outcome.

In 90% of our interactions with clients it all comes to finding the BALANCE between vision and operations, strategy and tactics, knowledge and implementation, efforts and results, processes and people.

We are aware of the importance of being acquainted with the methods and products used in a consulting project, so we offer you a glimpse into what you can get with us. Which, how many and in what sequence they will be implemented is entirely subjected on the specifics and the goal of the project.

  • Consulting – with focus on sales leadership and management – managing and implementing change, engaging change agents, introducing new products and services to the market, re-branding and business development issues. We focus on our client’s desired outcome and assist them in designing and implementing an effective approach that bridges the gap. Some of our consulting projects take 1-2 years and are being designed through partnering with our clients in creative approach to solutions. Here are some of our consulting ventures :
    • bringing a sales team through a process of change, team expansion and restructuring,
    • helping a CEO to spot and develop his successor,
    • train internal coaches to support the newly emerging coaching culture within the organisation,
    • support and facilitate the new corporate culture of transparency, teamwork and disciplined communication,
    • assist in devising a new service brand and introduce it to the marketplace.
  • Training
    • Simple 1 or 2 days training, without customization – these are basic programmes on the basic parameters of different skills (sales, leadership, communication, time management, presentation skills).
    • Customized skills development training 1-3 days – these are programmes on leadership, coaching, people management, selling, negotiations, presentation and other related skills, designed especially for the client to help the participants effectively accomplish the actual business and development goals, in view of the specifics of their products, company culture, systems and processes, strategy and business industry.
    • Group/team work facilitation – creative problem solving, team issues, action planning.
  • Coaching
    • Executive coaching – assisting leaders and managers find their ways through difficult decisions with responsibility and internal conviction through connecting them to the leader inside.
    • Coaching in the field – assisting sales individuals to find their selling style and the sales guru inside who successfully implements new knowledge and concepts to achieve increasing results.
    • Personal/life coaching – assisting individuals in finding their inner balance, whether r
    • elated to work-life balance, wellness and health issues, personal and work-relationships.
    • Team/group coaching
    • Our Coaching Model – BALANCE
      • B – Build focus (what is the situation that needs resolve);
      • A – Aims and goals (define the desired outcome);
      • L – Leverage (define resources at hand and barriers to overcome);
      • A – Action plan (define the actions and the stepping stones);
      • N – Nurture (facilitate and support the implementation);
      • C – Commitment (commitment and motivation to achieve the outcome);
      • E – Evaluation (evaluate the advancement).
  • Behavior analysis (DISC/TTI Success Insights) – this is a reliable instrument to apply in times of change or in times of people-related decision-making. It helps to understanding people’s behavior and the reasons for actions and reactions. It brings insights into the discrepancies between actual and desired team/company culture. You can review the systems of values and beliefs, as well as the motivating forces that stand behind an action. An amazing too for leaders to see themselves as well through an objective mirror.
  • Salesofrce efficiency analysis – researching the current state of the sales force behavior and sales activities’results, finding the ‘loopholes’ and how to eliminate them through synchronizing three blocks of performance:
    • Goals and strategy
    • Systems and processes
    • People and their competencies in the respective places
  • Training and development needs analysis – using questionnaires or interviewing or behavior analysis or all of them combined to define the short and long term  training and development programmes, as well for designing and customizing a single training programme.
  • Development centers – competency and behavior based complex 1-day events to have a surgical strike review of the current level of competencies and design how to bridge the gap to the needed level of high competence performance.

To receive a pricing offer from us, please, send your inquiry through the contact form in the menu. We will send you a special offer as soon as we clarify the parameters of the project.

Expect our videos with more information on each of our products and services shortly.